Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Alright you made it to post number two which means either A you’re actually interested in what I have to say or B you’re my mom and you just want to support your kid (thanks mom).

But as I said before this site was made to help you find a good used car, and I think a great place to start is the do’s and dont’s of used car buying.


  • Start with a quality model automobile for starters. A $10,000 3-Series with 175,000 miles is not a good choice. Now a $10,000 Corolla with 75,000 miles is a? Thats right kids a good choice.
  • Get a CarFax repot, while there are ways to get around the reporting they are still the best place to start.
    • They will disclose accidents (if a police report was filed), number of previous owners, maintenance records, and the cars previous ownership (personal, rental, fleet, corporate, lease). A great investment.
  • If you are serious about purchasing the vehicle, then have a mechanic inspect the vehicle. While this isn’t always the case if you are buying a used Toyota at a Toyota dealer, chances are their service department has given the vehicle a through inspection. But if you are buying a Honda at a Chevrolet dealership the detail of the inspection can be shoddy.


  • For the love of God, do not buy an ex rental car! People always say “well, rentals are well maintained”, while that is a true statement these brand new cars are subjected to brutal use and abuse for the first 30,000 miles of their poor life’s. Don’t lie to yourself, every single time you rent a car you beat the living hell out of it. Plus who really wants a car thats had dozens of asses in their seat? I can live with one or two but dozens? No thank you.
  • Following up with above, do not buy an ex lease vehicle. Why? Well answers simple a lease is simply an extended rental. (Please see above for my reasoning on that.)

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