About Me

So you really want to hear about me? Alright you asked for it. My name is Jake Joseph and simply put I love cars. More specifically used cars….good used cars.

This site was born basically out of pure necessity and by that I mean I got tired of constantly being asked what car someone should buy for X amount of money. What is my experience you may ask? Well my father and I are car guys, we both we both eat, breathe, and sleep all things automotive. Granted he’s a big V8 pickup kinda guy, owns a Corvette, Harley, and a Toyota Pickup with a big block 454 Chevy he used to drag race and well…. I drive a Prius. But I did once drive a Nissan GTR so… there’s that.

But I am great at a game I invented called CarFax roulette, which is when you browse used cars with free CarFax reports and try to guess the report before opening it…. not to brag but I’m pretty good at it.

But as you will find out through this automotive journey I will always rope back to the Prius. Talking about an      F-150? Ah I remember that time I used my Prius to move a pantry sized cabinet. See? All things can and will come back to the Prius.